Boka for your Mouf

excerpt here

It’s true. That’s where you put de Takos.

A quick Thanks to my bro Steve, who’s “up in yo mouf mouf mouf” pale ale has caused so very much inspiration…it was my first time using the word “mouf” to describe where you put something that was designed to be so tasty.

Also, thank you Bryan for designing our logo. You all may not know this, but Bryan also designed the very first “up in you mouf mouf mouf” pale ale label. We look forward to shamelessly promoting your designs for the upcoming beer batches.

Welp, this is the truck. I know it doesn’t look like much here, but we have some pretty smart people working on getting us gussied up. As logos get installed and menus are further developed we will give credit where credit is due.

A quick shout out to all of our local suppliers, we look forward to working within the community at our local farmers markets, and sourcing as much as we can through y’all and our local economy.
(I said y’all)

Ok. So. I’m thinking here…and this just came across my brain. So I must share…

What dew you do with your Mouf?
And now for a montage of my favorite googled picture results.

Oh, and of course, how could I leave without a mouthwatering preview of our premier signature dessert (it will be scaled back to human portions. The first documented kit kat cake was clearly designed to be large enough for an Olympian Wookie to consume)

Kit Kat Cake: delish!