Enjoy this great music. I’m a big fan of the pyro-technics!

The slogan has been chosen. Takos for your Mouf. And now, sorry Nic, dogs have come to the topic again (for those of you that don’t know, Chewbacca was created after George Lucas’ dog)

So, I’m sitting here and my friend Michael asks “are you guys going to put chihuahuas on the truck?” to which I replied “We can’t put chihuahua on the truck, because we aren’t exclusively Mexican. We are fusion, so we need an Asian influence.” Michael’s first response was to enroll a Chow as our mascot. BANG, the light went on, and the inter-breed mix of the “Chowhuahua” came into existence. So, naturally, I googled the term. Found nothing (with the exception of this awesome music video), until I researched the crossing of the breed. Crazy improbabilities, but this guys story sounds true. Check it out:
“All of you guys say there is no possible way, but I have pictures to prove. I have a Chow Chow named Nahoa who is not neutered. We live on a 5 acre farm and he has the run of the place and absolutely loves it. He is a 5 year old black Chow who is VERY friendly and who has a very loving temperment. Well, around May of last year we got a chihuahua (not a tea-cup or anything like that) but just a regular whie and tan chihuahua. She was still young probably about 8 months. We got her from a friend a friend of a friend of ours, so we really didn’t have too much information other than her age. Anyways, she stayed an inside dog while my chow remained outside. Well, obviously Sandy (our chihuahua) would do her duty outside and her and Nohoa did fine around around each other. Actually Nahoa could care less she was even around…..until of course, she came in heat. He couldn’t get enough of her. Well we would keep her inside and let her out while in heat just as usual. We never thought anything could happen. Everyone told us Nahoa was too big so don’t worry. Well a couple of nights Sandy would scratch on the door to go to the bathroom, but those nights we could never find her. We would call and look for her but she didn’t return and of course Nahoa was no where to be found too. Anyways, low and behold she became pregnant. She had two puppies. One pure black and the other brown. When people came and looked at them they would all still say that there was no possible way. Well as the puppies grew the black puppy (Hurley) had short hair and the brown puppy (Chewy) had long fluffy hair with a thick undercoat. They are both the cutest things and are now about as big as their mother. Sandy has been an awesome mother and even though they are about 3 months old now she still sometimes lets them suckle. She is still a baby herself and loves to play with them. I guess the final confirmation that those pupiies are half chows is the obvious prple dots and patches on their tongues. For anyone who does not believe me i will send you pictures of the day the puppies where born, to them being about 5 or 6 weeks, and of course pics of what they look like now. I will also send all you skeptics pics of Nahoa and Sandy. Now trust me….I was nervous knowing Sandy is pregnant by Nahoa. I didn’t know what to expect. She had an easy delivery and the puppies came out no problem with no complications. I can prove it. :)”

We want to see those pictures. They sound awesome.