Soft open

Well, I gotta say, we were a little nervous getting out of the gate with the expectations that we have built up, but after hearing all of the great feedback, including “best taco I’ve ever had”, we feel confident enough to go forward. Tomorrow is supposed to be rainy, so we will be taking the day to streamline our procedures. This cooking on a truck business ain’t no normal kitchen business. I think I’m falling in love. It’s certainly more tricky than any kitchen I’ve ever worked in, and I’ve worked in alot! I’ve even cooked in fields on butane burners with chafing dishes running on sternos that were more predictable than working on a truck, and yet i find a certain mystical appeal, and it makes me feel attracted to it as I see the potential for us to bring you a higher caliber of food. We WILL work out the kinks. We WILL make EVERYTHING to a high standard EVERY time, and we WILL NOT compromise our respect for ingredients and flavor. Thank You all. Without you, there would be no Boka Truck:)