Taco Fusion: Tako Fusion

A little bit of both in a perfect world.

I found these in a Korean store and they were really good. I was a little hesitant at first, but after a couple bites I couldn’t stop. Before I knew it the bag was empty and the wrapper was all that was left. Here’s the lesson I want to share:

Tako in Japanes means : Octopus
While Taco in Mexican means: Tortilla

Tako Chips are truly fusion, as it takes the concept of tortilla with flavors from the east. This I found to be very awesome, as a certain double entendre ironically stared me in the face. And then went into my face, namely my MouF!

If you can find em try em. They are real good, and I would recommend them for the adventurous snacker.

Now, since we are on the topic of Tako and Tacos, let’s put the 2 together. I think it will be a great taste festival to make a marinated baby octopus taco. Something with a little spice, some bright acidity and fresh herbs dressed in some extra virgin olive oil over nira grass and shredded cabbage with marinated tomatoes. A Tako-Taco. And just a little more irony, we call our tacos “takos”, and therefore share an even deeper layer of multiple meaning. Tako-Tako.
Snacky Octopus means Yum!

I will certainly make this a special in the summer time!