Inclement Weather and Boka: PITA

Welp, Looks like we are headed into a yucky week of snow, sleet and rain with not so awesome freezing temperatures in the mix. In honor of the weather, we will be offering a slightly limited menu during lunch hours. Breakfast items are still available during the morning. We are out on Commerce road in the Industrial areas for the AM right now, and when we get our route established, we will post it. Unfortunately, the cold and snow has slowed us from getting that accomplished up to now. Stay tuned though, because we are going to be coming out strong when the weather breaks! Contact us at to have us come to your office building and feast on delishus takos some day. We are accommodating all requests at this time. You may also call: 703-303-5384, and speak with Patrick to make arrangements.

Hopefully we will have a schedule posted by next week some time. Thanks for bearing with us as we develop this new business model in the Richmond market!