Living up the Free Publicity!!!

First, I want to share this: Alain Ducasse and Daniel Boulud hit the streets in a food truck February 8th for the first time in history. My friends at Adour should get a chuckle out of this, since I’m down here in Richmond actually doing this day to day, after having been a fellow Ducasse disciple. If you know about the prestige of these Chefs, and the trendy casual shift toward foodie trucks, you will also find it gratifying that they embrace the food truck concept and it’s approachable nuance. Way to go Chef!

Thanks Style Weekly for thinking we are news worthy. What a great write up.

To check it out, follow this link:

Style weekly

I also want to give a big Whats up to everyone who has been coming out to the truck, trying our fusion takos, and twittering and commenting about how we are doing. We are trying very hard to pick up our speed, and produce more takos for the larger crowds we are experiencing every day, but we must remain true to our primary initiative: Every item must be delicious, every time. That is the secret to our entire business model. We are streamlining production processes and making it happen, so keep coming out and trying our takos and fusion specials, and keep telling your friends about us. We are almost twice as fast as when we started, and only getting quicker!

Help take the Boka Truck to Rock Star status: Follow us on Twitter, friend and fan us on Facebook, and if you actually have a Myspace account, add us as your friend.

And, if you play drums, and have sick skills, send us a video of you rockin’ out, and we’ll post the best jam sesh on the site at the end of the month. We can upload Youtube video straight into our blog content. Shimmy! Tako Tako…