Revolutionizing the Tako

Hello all.

We have been in the laboratory brainstorming the perfect fusion tako, and getting really close to masterminding it down. We are crafting a new identity for the taco, so we are taking great care with all of our flavor combinations. Expect some changes to what you’ve tried and seen in the upcoming week(s). Trust, it will be for the good of all Taco-ness. Our spicy noodle bowl with chicharones and sausage will start the week, and keep an eye out for new additions! Also, we are developing a comprehensive catering menu, so expect that to change also as we continue to refine our identity.

Tako Tako

PS. Mexicasiamerican, or Meximericasian? Which is better fusion? does Meximericasian make for a rare occasion? Is that cheesy and stupid? Mexicasiamerican, Tako in your mouf again? Is that too awesome? Please, set us straight!