What is an ice pellet? Super sleet?

I don’t know, but it sounds like if you have a garage, tomorrow is the day you want use it! Fortunately the Boka Truck is made of Re-enforced carbon-alloy with kevlar coating…I wish. We are hoping the weather treats us nice, cuz we want to look good rollin down your streets! I love it when people see the truck for the first time, and see the huge “BOKA” logo with “TAKOS FOR YOUR MOUF!” plastered on the side. It always bring a smile, and that is what we are all about. Let’s have some fun, and enjoy some good food while we’re at it.

Also, let me address our schedule: We are attempting to do in weeks what some businesses take years to accomplish, which is develop a customer base and route that we can go to different areas of tri-city Richmond on different days, and bring the Tako phenomenon to ALL. We DO plan on having a regular route, and today we established Midlothian as our new Thursday destination. We are still deciding which days of the week will be allocated to which areas, and that will be based on you, our public’s requests. Currently we have a great following on tuesdays downtown, so we will probably stick with that and build around it. Mondays we are going to Innsbrook and Short Pump to build a trail. The rest of the week, we are filling in as we discover the sweet spots, and everyone tells where to go. We are like a publicly owned stock. At the shareholder meeting, everyone has a say, and we want to hear your voice!

Do you remember Fraggle Rock?

Also, we are also beginning negotiations about developing a Breakfast Route, with Fusion inspired breakfasts. Do you want us to come to your part of town for Banana Foster’s French Toast? Huevos Rancheros with dirty rice? Steak and Egg Quessadillas? Before you know it, this may be the case… Yummm…What about Brunch?!