Cash only 4 now- We are working on the Credit Cards

The credit card company asked for $470 just for one wireless credit machine on top of monthly fees and a percent of every purchase being taken out to go to the credit companies. We sell street food folks. Our prices are low because we operate on cash currency. We can process credit cards for catering purchases using paypal or quickbooks, but cannot process credit cards from the truck at this time. It is something we would like to provide in the future, but credit cards are not a viable option for us right now.

I have heard of some companies charging a credit card fee if use a card. How do you folks feel about that? The other thing I’ve seen is minimum purchase limits to be able to use the card. We would lose money if people ordered one taco and paid on credit card, and only a few people paid on credit each week. It also takes more time to process a credit card, and our lines can get big when the crowds hit. That means slower transactions and ultimately a decrease in potential sales. Surely I understand the counter argument that people spend more using credit, but after only having four people not buy anything because they didn’t have cash since we opened, it is hard to justify the expense right now. Until then, we will continue to follow our website’s policy that we strive to park near ATMs for your convenience. Thanks,

Boka Boka

PS: This is a “Mouflon”

Not to be confused with your MouF!