Everything Changes, and sometimes that’s a good thing :) and a Contest too

So, we are approaching a new cycle of specials…and I’m thinking this pickled green papaya that I made will be darn tasty on some sweet and spicy braised pork. Add some fresh herbs, and serve it in a toasted El Milagro corn Tortilla…w/ lime slaw and a drizzle of hoisin…ooohhh yeahhh!

Sorry we ran out of fish today! We have purchased more and will be twisting up the style a bit. Boka will be kickin’ it up indeed w/ habanero-lime cabbage, pickled jalapenos, and siracha aioli w/ fresh herbs. Approachable heat, just to keep things interesting…while they last.

Sliders have been extremely popular in the last round of Specials. They say “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”? Ok. Let’s just tweak it then: Barbecue Pork sliders w/ fresh Napa, sherry dressing, caramelized onion, and our signature herb blend.

Bangers and Smash have also been very popular this week, and with the weekend Irish festivities, they seem appropriate. These too will change…But after the weekend is over.

Aaah and how could I forget our month long special Spicy Noodle Bowl. You were a dear friend indeed, especially with the colder weather! I will be serving Noodles bowls another week or two, and then this damn spicy dish will be changed as well. On the upside, Spring brings new ingredients, and we bring those ingredients to you!

Woop Woop!
Boka Boka!
Tako Tako!

Hunt for the next Boka Photo(s) Begins Today as well. Take an Awesome picture involving the Boka Truck and submit it to us (e-mail is good). If it shows the crowds, the food or the people eating it, we will post the best ones. If your picture gets posted, we will credit you a free tako redeemable at the truck that week! If you do artful photography we will publicize your portfolio along w/ the winning picture. Boo ya kalak mook shock!

(First Winner already!- Tim Vidra of Richmond VA – You won a free tako. I recommend the Fish tako w/ siracha-lime slaw and pickled jalapenos this week.$4/ free.)

Additional photos from Tim can be viewed at http://tinyurl.com/yh9uluv

Also (yes there’s more) This new video was recently posted to Youtube (apparently we are ALL OVER the internet: Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, Craigslist, Richmond.com, Styleweekly.com…and a bunch of others nooks and crannies.)