Gettin Busier w/ the Weather & Expectations

Hey All,

We are getting hammered at some locations more than we expect, and have learned to make more food to keep up w/ demand. The only thing we can’t make is more time during peak hours. Peak hours are from 11:00am to 1:30 pm. I am receiving a lot of requests for prime time spots, and am trying to accommodate as closely as possible around our existing regular locations. I can get you on our way (an early lunch 10:30/10:45 is great!), or on our way back (2:00 – 5:30 depending on the day of the week.) If you have a large volume request please e-mail: and I will discuss w/ you how we can accommodate. Some prime times can be changed with advanced notice (1 week) so i can notify the regular location of their change for the following week. This will be for special exceptions only with crowds that justify the change. I am so glad that our food has been received so warmly, and that we are wanted in so many places. Keep making requests, I am still trying to accommodate every one as best as we can! Thanks for your support, and we will make sure to provide a memorable experience! Just a matter of fact: The largest crowds will receive the best time slots. Fortunately for you, one day a week or more, the prime time slot is not too far of a drive from where you work. That means tasty tako time, whenever u can make it out!

Chef Patrick
Boka Truck