Lotsa Love from our Loyal Fans! We strive to bring you great street food.

OoG SmasH!!!!! BokA SmasH!!!!!!!

Everyone who has been diggin’ in on our takos has partaken in what is becoming a cult movement. The chef inspired Taco truck that comes when beckoned. Your personal Restaurant, with cuisine that you influence. And yes, we have a line sometimes, but it is a line that is worth the wait. And dammit, that’s why you order two noodles bowls to take home for dinner, and an extra tako for a friend. Cuz you know it’s gonna be uber tasty, and you can’t get it until we cross paths again.

We mean you only great food. Even if it is a little crazy like the pepperoni pizza croutons we stuff into our takos w/ chinese and italian sausage, caramelized onions, blended cheeses, sherry aioli and fresh herbs.

So, I am committing 1000% of my vested interest in the Boka Truck to creating flavor combinations that keep you guessing, while preserving the quality that keeps you coming back. We are on this Tako Truck adventure together, so let’s have some fun while we’re at it!