Lotsa Love from our Loyal Fans! We strive to bring you great street food.

OoG SmasH!!!!! BokA SmasH!!!!!!!

Everyone who has been diggin’ in on our takos has partaken in what is becoming a cult movement. The chef inspired Taco truck that comes when beckoned. Your personal Restaurant, with cuisine that you influence. And yes, we have a line sometimes, but it is a line that is worth the wait. And dammit, that’s why you order two noodles bowls to take home for dinner, and an extra tako for a friend. Cuz you know it’s gonna be uber tasty, and you can’t get it until we cross paths again.

We mean you only great food. Even if it is a little crazy like the pepperoni pizza croutons we stuff into our takos w/ chinese and italian sausage, caramelized onions, blended cheeses, sherry aioli and fresh herbs.

So, I am committing 1000% of my vested interest in the Boka Truck to creating flavor combinations that keep you guessing, while preserving the quality that keeps you coming back. We are on this Tako Truck adventure together, so let’s have some fun while we’re at it!

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  1. Word to the wise, small business owner. The one thing more annoying than haters is people obsessing about their haters. You’ll always have critics, that’s the way things work. Internet snarkiness about them is not only boring, it’s beneath you. Ignore and move on.

  2. I’m all for having food trucks in our lovely town. Being from SanFran, I’ve had my fair share of taco trucks/fusion trucks/dessert trucks etc… But what makes those trucks unique, is the fact they try to be something NEW and DIFFERENT. When I come to this site, I’m nothing but dissappointed. You literally took the EXACT template KOGI used for their website (before they just recently overhauled it). You put the ads in the exact same spots, and even the logo is HEAVILY influenced by KOGI, right down to the exact same colors for the flames. I mean, when I heard what kind of food you were serving, immediately I thought of KOGI and another ripoff truck. But I bit my tongue, hoping you guys would come out with a new look, and a new take on it. But this is nothing but riding the coat tails of an original asian/taco fusion truck.

    I support RVA businesses before ANYTHING, but you guys need your own style, your own site, and to distance yourself away from KOGI as much as you can. Cause right now, it’s looking a bit weak. Or to be honest, a bit embarassing..

  3. Jon,

    I love and appreciate the diversity of food trucks on the West Coast. There are so many of them working in tandem to bring you a new angle on high end street food from a truck. Here in Richmond Boka IS the new angle. Around here, this is the first Chef inspired food truck that travels to your location when beckoned. You can say I’m riding the coat tails of Kogi. Every food truck that has opened in the last year has ridden those coat tails. Kogi is a pioneer. Jean Anthelm Brillant Savarin was the pioneer of modern gastronomy, but surely you should not criticize Gray Kuntz and Peter Kaminsky for using his model of gastronomic study and expanding upon it in their own direction. We have a similar topic, but different content. We also evolve our menu each and every week. I believe Mendel’s peas didn’t even change that often. The only menu items that Boka keeps constant are the “Takos” which you can choose to enjoy American, Mexican or Asian. But even they may change… Everything evolves with the availability of seasonal product and with the inspiration of the Chef.

    Yes, it is clear that we use a wordpress template that similar to Kogi’s, but “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. I find the back end user interface very friendly compared to other pages looked into. As far as format goes, on this style of page there aren’t too many options where the ads go, twitter goes, or schedule. The logo and Feature special templates ARE all templated the same. Sorry not very creative. I try to keep my creative energy focused on the food.

    The flames are funny, because their color does look very similar. Red and orange just looked the best after playing with different color schemes.

    We are riding the wave of interest that has sprung up around the novelty surrounding good street food at street food prices, from a truck. Don’t forget that this not San Francisco, and Kimchi-Pork Quesadillas w/ chipotle sauce and thai herbs are a very new concept here. The East Coast has not witnessed what you have seen, and I am just providing the first taste to Richmonders.

    Funny enough my culinary background includes Asian-French fusion, American Bistro, and Southwest/ Mexican. I couldn’t be happier pairing American- Mexican – Asian Fusion ingredients with Tacos. That gives me a large global reign on ingredients to use, and I am proud to bring applications that are new to street food. The food is still my own.

    I don’t make Kogi tacos. And I never will.

  4. Claudia,

    I think that focusing on all the good is the best thing to do, and decided to let my own negativity in that last post go. I do not want to be that which I do not want to be. Thanks for the word.

    Peace is best when it comes to Takos. My Yoga instructor would agree.

  5. I’m more than happy to give your actual food a chance to shine thru. I’m also stoked you’re taking a popular fusion style and putting your own take on it. I do understand that you’re making an effort to (while staying with Asian/Mexican Fusion) put your own spin on the food. And that, I commend you for.

    But if I made a unique hamburger, and then took the EXACT same framework and foundation as McDonalds, does that really make me a good restauranteur? Burger King would have been a mockery had they taken that approach. I’ve worked in the restaurant business since I was 15. I sold my first restaurant back in SanFran when I was 25. Building a restaurant isn’t just about putting food on a menu, and stealing someone else’s work. It’s about innovation and originality ALL across the board. We’re selling the customer an experience. Showing that what we are is not just a “special” menu of another restaurant we saw across the country. I too have been clasically trained, graduating from the California Culinary Academy back in SanFran. I understand that the food is always a chefs number one focus and concern. But that in no way shape or form, gives us the right to rip someone off.

    I love asian fusion. I will eat it for days straight, but why not showcase yourself different? Choose blues or greens as your colors, pick a DIFFERENT wordpress theme, make a nice unique expierience for the customer they can’t get anywhere else. Sticky Rice serves AMAZING sushi, but so does Akida Japanese. But why do I keep going back to StickRice? Because that company is UNIQUE, and they show that off from their site to their atmosphere.

    You are offering a great service to RVA. I love that. Yes, most of the people here may not have had Kimchi Quesadillas before, and maybe a lot of people have never even heard of Kogi. But for us who have, it just comes as a cop out, when you not only know you took their look, but admit it with “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” That’s a lazy attitude if you ask me. It’s not just the food that I’m most concerned about. It’s the blatant copy of a popular company.

    WordPress ofers tens of thousands of themes, RVA offers thousands of graphic designers. FreshFolio is a popular theme yes, but we both know the background and the grungey black weren’t included in that theme. If your not jacking Kogi BBQ, then good! SHOW THAT!

    I’m glad your bringing a new flavor to RVA. I only wish you weren’t lacking everywhere else.

  6. Jon,

    Kogi does not use our word press format for their website anymore, so I guess we are different after all. Clearly, Kogi has a different style wordpress format than we do, so I think we are kosher on that front. Burger King certainly followed McDonald’s lead with the $1 double cheeseburger, and happy meals. Have you seen any other fast food dollar menus? Maybe chicken nuggets on there? French fries? Milk shake? Kogi is our Hero. They are the founders of the movement, but they don’t own a word press template. I purchased that (and it actually includes the grunge theme), and Kogi is using a different template anyways. If you have a template suggestion and want to teach me the back end user interface in your spare time for free, then teach me how to do it different, and I will applaud your tenacity and use of free time on our behalf. It has to look as good though. The other styles just weren’t as good looking. Why? Maybe because Kogi has good taste!

    Boka is unique, and that is why I see many familiar faces each week as we pull up to bring our latest dose of fusion goodies. Perhaps it is because nothing like this has ever been done in Richmond, and the concept is new. I’m sure you could criticize Hewlett Packard for making computers when computers were already being made by Dell, but just because they run the same operating system, doesn’t mean they are the same. Pictures of my food don’t look as good as kogi’s because they have a professional photographer. My blogs are not as sweet and shiney as Aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice from Kogi who is the Marketing queen of 2009. And I don’t have a posse helping with all of these facets of the business. I am doing all of theses aspects of Boka by myself on a smaller scale in a different market for a bunch of awesome people that appreciate it.

    Sticky Rice is awesome, and I dig their ten years of service to Richmond with a following that tattoos themselves with the logo and walks in the rain for one dollar PBRS. Boka is not Sticky Rice, we have a different format with Mexican fusion ingredients.

    Our unique appreciation for musical talent and artists is a prevalent topic on our website, and an influence on our identity in addition to the community with whom we serve. Did you know that we are dog friendly? Even the ads we post on our website are related to those with whom we have built relationships within the community. Our approach is unique. Just because the door may look familiar to you, what is behind the door holds a new and different surprise that is pretty great. Just give us a try. I’m sure if you’re a Kogi disciple we will have a tough expectation to meet, but keep an open mind about a different flavor profile and you might just find you dig the Boka Truck too…

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