Testimonials/ Comments: You people are great! Just over a month and this what you all have had to say:

“Thanks for the awesome takos yesterday. My husband and little boy picked some up for me after the VCU game. They were truly unbelievable! I immediately wanted more. The chocolate covered bacon with the chipotle was was mind blowing So many times, new restaurants and concepts are so hyped up in this town, and I’m often disappointed. Not in this case. Thanks for some awesome, affordable good eats!” – Mary

“@BokaTruck thanks for stopping by today. Everyone loved it!!”

“@BokaTruck Today’s Chicken “Mole” tako was amazing.”

“I’ve had tacos in many countries. Many styles, etc. Hands down, @bokatruck has the best tacos I’ve ever eaten. Omfg.”

“All of my coworkers thoroughly enjoyed their grub from @BokaTruck today and asked when the truck will be back!”

“@BokaTruck Awesome takos, can’t wait to try the noodle bowl or a burrito :D”

“just devoured three american chicken tacos. I’m speechless. They were freaking awesome” – Megan

“@BokaTruck takos + noodles = the dopest. Make it regular.”
(Featured now as the “Chicken Noodle “Zamp” Tako”)

“@BokaTruck My tacos were delish last night! Thx!!! :-)”

“@BokaTruck Delicious chicken special tonight you are doing great”

“Thanks to @BokaTruck for bringing their yummy tacos back to @getloaded”

“@BokaTruck WooHoo!! I don’t think I’ve made up my mind yet on which delicious Takos I want today!! Too many yummy choices!”

“@BokaTruck Friday night + BokaTruk = Perfect start to the weekend. You guys rock!”

“@bokatruck the american pulled pork taco and the mexican beef tacos are by far my favortie and the asian beef was a lot better than expected”

“The guys @bokatruck are dialing it in. Better each time I visit! Fish takos today were super delish! Fish cooked perfectly. #takos4urmouf”

“thanks for the tacos today @bokatruck good stuff!”

“@BokaTruck Amazing! You have a bunch of new fans on the southside :oD Thanks again!”

“@BokaTruck…I hope to catch you soon…heard great things! #RVA”

“@BokaTruck thanks for coming out and feeding the @getloaded crew! delicious as always! #rva”

“Yum! Just finishing up a couple of Asian “takos” from @BokaTruck. http://bokatruck.com/”

“@BokaTruck loved the kimchi pork quesadilla, very yummy. tacos were good but could be better – flour tortilla, real kimchi and kochujang”
(P.S. Flour torillas are available by request, and we use all the ingredients of authentic kochujang in our asian takos!)

“@hayley842 The special chicken quesadilla was so good today from @BokaTruck Next Monday!”

“@BokaTruck thanks for the special Friday showing. The office is just stupid for those spicy noodle bowls. Damn spicy…Damn tasty”

“Inhaled my @BokaTruck Mexican tofu taco (I won’t say it with a “k”). 10 times better than last week, but needs 2 tortillas to stay together.”

“@BokaTruck heard some good stuff about you today from @dvbii and @daneomite”

“@daneomite these takos from @BokaTruck are friggin goood! and @kelleil it was great meeting you!! Thanks @BokaTruck !!”
(I love it when people come together over good food. Keep it real people!)

“@BokaTruck Delicious stuff guys. American and Mexican Takos were awesome, Asian was good too, it just explodes making it hard to eat & drive”
(We live by “wetter is better”, so be careful. Don’t eat and drive. j/k)

“Thanks to @BokaTruck and @kelleil for making an indelible tako memory. We may have to switch rehearsals to Thursdays.”

“RT @MartinTweets: Gourmet mobile taco truck in #RVA! Follow @bokatruck. info: http://bit.ly/c0byIQ (via @styleweekly) FOLLOWED.”

“@bokatruck everyone @snagajob loved the tacos and hot chocolate. We hope to have you out here again soon.”

“@BokaTruck Spicy noodle bowl!!!!! Sounds soooo good right now!”

“Well, I never had crack. But this is what I think crack must be like! Thanks @BokaTruck for coming to @snagajob #greatquesidilla”

“@BokaTruck Mmmm… I want Mexican Hot Chocolate and Spicy Noodles… yum.”

“Chased down @BokaTruck in midlothian. Made a scene, I needed fusion tacos. They were really good. More heat in the kimchee please!”
(We have added more heat to the kimchee. Thanks!)

“blowin’ up RT @BokaTruck Check out This link, We’re #2 for top food trends!!!: http://bit.ly/djzsWY”

“@BokaTruck Delicious tacos today!”

“@BokaTruck liking what i see here! Can’t wait 2 try! Good luck on this gr8 venture!”

“@BokaTruck look fwd 2 chomping bokatakos. ever since lvng the ATL & my fave, taqueria del sol, haven’t fnd fish tako i’ve loved.”
“They were both delicious! I liked the fish ones the best! YUM!”-Denise

“Thank you so much for coming today! Your tacos were absolutely delicious! You have to come back for real.”-Jenna

“the noodle bowl was bangin’!”-Matt

“Thanks so much, it was Spectacular!!!!!!!!!!! Everyone loved it!!!!! You helped me so much, after working all day, you saved me.Ever thing paired well and the sauce you made was perfect”-Pamela
(This was a wine tasting we catered. Malbec goes well w/ spicy food!!!)

Thanks to all who have come out and tried our deliberately delicious “takos”. I know some of you have your preferences, let us know and we’ll accommodate (within reason), so I hope that we continue to build this fruitful and delicious relationship! We’ll keep em’ comin if you keep lovin’ em’!

-Boka Boka!