Da Truck Has Emotions Too!!!

Boka has been feeling ill lately, the hills don’t take like they used to, the urgency to get the next stop has been slowed, and we’ve posted “running behind” tweets to cover her lagging behavior. No excuses left, she has gone to the infirmary to heal her behavior, and we look forward to bringing u Boka stronger than ever. We are gonna take the ole beast out from her hibernation and take Spring by it’s horns to get the people served. The response to us lately has been overwhelmingly huge, and we will continue to keep ready to serve swarms as they come. But if your new, just try to give us some heads up! We are only as ready as we can prepare to be, so 80 people will take us down on ticket time if we only expect 20. This is because we toast our el milagro tortillas to order, and must do so in advance for large crowds. Otherwise we get caught up w/ the grill and can only cook proteins on our four burners. Not that outrageous, but it causes a few minutes to build betweeen tickets… So, Thank you all for the support! We are working our knuckles o the bone and are coming up w/ new specials on the regular to keep u guessing. Keep coming out to see what we have to offer next, and I will put my personal promise that the food served will be of the utmost quality! Let us know any special requests and we will do our best to accommodate.