One Day, we will have Takos for Your MouF!

Boka wants to serve you! Send us your requests, and we will get you into the schedule. All we need provided is a place to pull up and serve you from.

I am so happy to hear that Sublime and Matisyahu are going to be playing Innsbrook After Hours This year, Wednesday July 21st. I think Innsbrook has some great bands coming by for a number of different demographics, but this is going to be a great one for the Boka Truck! We will be giving away free tickets to our biggest fans! This is where Four Square finally comes into Play! If you are the Mayor at any of our locations you will become eligible for free tickets. We have MANY locations, so this is a very attainable goal! Then, just mention us on twitter and where you are Mayor (must be a real stop) and that you want the tickets, and the first three mayors to respond will get two FREE tickets each! *Only two free tickets per Mayor