The video we posted on the last blog blocked our schedule when viewed from mobile phone apps, so we added this blog to clear the way, so you can follow us, wherever your at…

Here is a list of some of the specials we have run and are running. There is some “out there” food on this list, so comment if you like:

Dr.Pepper Braised beef tongue with pineapple chutney “al pastor”

Horchata-Curried pork with sweet and spicy napa

Spicy noodle bowl with lemongrass ginger coconut curry, heirloom tomato and spinach

D’anjou Pears with halibut, sherry slaw, sweet soy and thai herbs

Sambal braised pork with pickled papaya and sherry aioli

Spicy chicken peanut satay sliders w/ sesame

Southwest barbecue ribeye with fried shallots, cheese and herbs

Braised lamb with bacon, dates, arugula, tatsoi, manchego, sherry-lime

Spicy Chicken quesadilla “BLT” where the quesadilla acts as the bread and pickled “Husk cherry” tomatillo salsa acts as the “T”

Mexican French Toast “grilled cheese” with Chinese and Italian sausages, sesame salsa and chipotle crema

Fish takos w/ pickled cucumber and siracha aioli with sherry-lime slaw and fresh thai herbs

Banana Bread pudding with chocolate ganache and toasted coconut

Mexican hot Chocolate with Cinnamon and Star Anise

Chorizo and Hominy Quesadilla w/ husk cherry salsa

Bangers and Mash w/ spicy Italian sausage, garlic mashed potatoes, our signature cheese blend, caramelized onions and Thai herbs

Spicy chicken tako w/ arugula and finger radish w/ habanero slaw (spicy!)

Avocado and chicken with siracha aioli, sesame and sweet soy

Chicken Napoles (“Chicken Nipples”) Quesadilla w/ husk cherry salsa and sesame seeds w/ Thai herbs

S’mores squares with chocolate ganache, mallow cream and graham cracker crust

Brunch Quesadilla w/ Chinese and Italian sausage w/ caramelized onion, herbs, and bacon with our signature Chihuahua cheese blend.

Italian Sausage “Boka Dog” w/ mustard, caramelized onion and sherry slaw w/ herbs

Pork and Clam and Quesadilla w/ fresh herbs and sesame

Fiji Apple, sausages and sweet soy with cheddar, sherry aioli, habanero lime vinaigrette and shaved napa cabbage

Fish Takos w/ melon, sweet soy, lime-slaw, siracha aioli and fresh Thai Herbs

Coconut Bread pudding with fresh sliced banana and chocolate ganache

Hickory smoked Chicken w/ chocolate covered bacon “mole style” w/ chipotle crema, kimchi and thai basil with cilantro and nira grass

“Zamp” Spicy chicken noodle tako with sherry slaw and chicharonnes with fresh herbs.

Loaded Potato Tako w/ bacon, caramelized onion, cheese blend, scallion and chipotle crema, seasoned lightly with salt and paprika

Corn and lima bean succotash with bacon, sambal braised pork and zesty lime slaw that accents sherry aioli and fresh herbs

Macerated Triple sec-strawberries and cream with coffee pound cake

Pineapple Fish takos w/ sweet soy & slaw finished with fresh herbs

Steak, egg and cheese croissants with caramelized onion and siracha ailoli

Four Piggy tako with pork, our signature sausage blend, and bacon topped with fried pork rinds, loaded up with cheese and caramelized onion (also has been offered in “two piggy”, and “three piggy” variations, even though technically it is a “five piggy” since both sausages are pork based…)

Kimchi Pork Quesadilla with Chipotle crema, sesame and thai herbs

Asian Brabecue Pork sliders with spicy shoyu vinegar, herbs and siracha aioli, finished with toasted sesame seeds.

Banh Mi Sandwich – The “Best of Richmond” , sambal pork, seasoned mayos and shoyu mairnated Asian veg with Thai herbs and sesame

Duck Confit w/ Persimmon chutney, black raspberry gastrique and sherry with Thai herbs

Pan seared Softshell crab with garlic herb butter and our signature seafood tako accouterments

Duck egg tako over easy with Faith Farms chorizo, six cheese blend, siracha aioli and herbs

Brunch Quesadilla w/ caramelized onion, bacon, chinese and Italian sausages, chihuahua cheese blend, basil and cilantro, finished like sexy time

Rockahock Farms Blue cheese and Bulgogi Quesadilla w/ chipotle and sesame

Tamarind-Anise Goat w/ yellow beets, arugula, goat cheese, chili aioli, sweet soy and herbs

Crab Rangoon Flautas w/ spring onion and sweet chili-soy vinaigrette

Sticky rice balls w/ pineapple chutney, sausage blend and sesame

Rockhock Farms sun dried tomato cheese and bulgogi Quesadilla w/ herbs, chipotle and kecap manis

Calabacitas and chicken Quesadilla, a non-traditional play on a Mexican Tradition

Dessert tako w/ corn tortilla, chocolate ganache, champagne macerated strawberry, sweet cream, chocolate mousse, and coconut-cookie crumble

S’mores Parfait

Curried pork w/ sweet and spicy Napa…I won’t say some of the dirty comments I’ve received about how good this one was…you know who you are…I hope you did your laundry!

and the list goes on and on, as we continue to provide you with the most delicious and sexy street food you done ever had. For realz!