Heirloom Hanover Tomatoes are in season, and Black Creek Farms and Victory Farms are producing some beautiful varieties, as well as sugar melons! Faith Farms local eggs and chorizo are superb, and multi-color pepper varieties are sprouting up!

Boo Ya Kalack Mook ShocK! Good simple ingredients are beginning to abound, and they make me happy. I get to make them super delicious, and jam em’ up in a tako for your MouF! The Herilooms are popping, and our menu has been taking on a new look lately. Conceptually improving daily, while cosmetically in need of a little more duck tape. I need to stop running over the menus! Any ways, this a picture of the Asian style Heirloom “Bruschetta” tako w/ goat cheese, sweet soy, Thai basil blend and shoyu-lime. Hopefully we will be making this a frequent vegetarian item on our seasonal menu.