Banh Mi Throwdown – JULY 26th, Monday, 6:30pm: Cafe Gutenberg, Shockoe Bottom, Richmond, VA.

Over a Month Ago, we self proclaimed the “Best” Banh Mi Sandwich in Richmond. We challenged a Throwdown to any competitor that dare challenge our Vietnamese style sandwich. Cafe Gutenberg accepted and we have been coordinating ever since. Asia Bakery, Cantina and Vi Bakery have been notified, and they have not accepted the challenge. The Throw down will have judges and publicity surrounding it, as well as the opportunity for spectators to try the competing sandwiches. Hampton Inn Richmond is sponsoring the Event, and the competition will be held at Cafe Gutenberg on their Home Turf. Advantage Gutenberg. Cocktails and social time from 6:30 – 7:00 and then competition with tastings to follow. Donations will be collected for Lunch boxes 4 Life, a social movement non-profit that is committed to bringing healthy, locally supportive foods to our youth in schools around Richmond and Hanover. Come on out and support your taste buds, and root us along as we build you some dank lil’ sammies. The competition will be held for both pork lovers, and vegans. Woop Woop!

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  1. Boka vs Cafe Gutenberg showdown!!

    I had the priveledge of attending the throwdown between these 2 amazing eateries. I thought the judges were fairly accurate with their opinions.

    Cafe Gutenberg brought a very good tofu styled Banh Mi to the table, but vegan style cuisine is not the typical cuisine in Boka’s repitoir.

    As for the pork, the pork was a bit more tender from Gutenberg; however, the overall taste was Boka. The spice and the multiple mayonnaise based dressings as well as the unbelievable crunch from the bread won my heart.

    Overall, Gutenberg for vegan, BOKA for meat!

    Thanks Patrick for challenging another hot spot and daring to take them on at their dish.

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