Generator repairs and Carburators, why not add in our radiator? Murphy, thanks for nothing!

As happens every so many weeks, we had operational failure. Of course, bad things happen in threes, so when the radiator hose split, naturally we found the generator leaking from the carburator. My own personal vehicle decided to turn on the rear window wiper, and it has not turned off since. Thanks for nothing Murphy. Your law, while true, is not my favorite. I much prefer Mooer’s law, which predicts that information technology expands exponentially every 18 months, much like I hope our business does. We are nearing 20 weeks of operations, and are already posting up shop across town at many venues beyond our original routes. In the upcoming months, I expect that many of you will have the opportunity to enjoy Boka Fusion in a way that was not previously obtainable. Thanks to our strong local following, and community momentum, we are taking every measure possible to be there for you in your time of hunger. In the mean time, why don’t you hit up the following links and help support us in our initiative. With your help, we could be on the Food Network next season competing against the Nation’s best food Trucks, on behalf of the citizens of Richmond! Nominate us up until August 22nd, and then vote for us after August 29th! Follow the link:

Furthermore, Chef Patrick is making an initiative to involve himself with the betterment of school foods for our children in the Greater Richmond area. The non-profit organization “Lunch Boxes 4 Life” is consulting as we speak to figure the best way to bring affordable healthy options to our city’s youth. Chef Patrick has also taken the initiative to involve himself with many of Richmond’s finest farmers markets, and offers fresh local seasonal products, with cross promotions of the farmers that believe in healthy food. Style weekly is taking submitions for Richmond’s top 40 under 40, and the Boka Truck would love for you to support Chef Patrick with a nomination for his efforts within the community and for bringing Richmond their first Culinary food truck, once only known to “Big City, USA”. You can nominate Chef Patrick Harris by following the link here:

Thank you all for your support as we have been building our business to serve you, and we promise to continue our journey on your behalf serving innovative and delicious cuisine with an Asian-Mexican and American Flair.

Tomorrow’s Escargot rice noodle bowl with Asian mushrooms and garlic-shiso pesto will be in honor of our progressive outlook on cuisine served from a truck…until we sell out!