Boka Kart : The Next Generation of Boka Dining Street Side.

The Big Yellow Box with Black trim, and fusion eats is hitting the streets downtown Monday!

We will be setting up on the corner of S 10th Street and E Byrd st, where daytime warriors from the city can find us. We are only 3 and a half blocks up from our old stomping grounds at the Hat Factory, and close enough for our friends at the Martin Agency to drop by easily. And I must of course mention our fans in the Twin Towers. Your pleas for the Boka Truck to visit have been heard, and we listened. Yes, we have heard about the cafeteria situation and regret leaving you to deal with that for so long while we open! I hope that our presence encourages them to pick up their game, and try to win back your approval too. I know we will be doing everything we can to win your appetites in the mean time, and your hearts as well! Crab Rangoon Flautas?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Woop Woop! We make our own chips, springrolls, and everything else…

The Kart menu will not feature the full menu of the Boka Truck, but pre-orders can be made from the truck menu the day before, and picked up at the Kart (specials based on availability). So, your New Boka Kart is also an express outlet for the Boka Truck. And we are starting a box lunch program as well. We figured to go big, or go home. And home is too far from the kart. So we are going big.

The kart will have fresh, local, seasonal inspirations, and menu items will evolve regularly! That means, the “boring old menu” effect will not apply. hooray! And people have dared me further, saying that you downtown people are too conservative to try my food. I have been told the lunch carts are a system of people that want the same thing day after day. Well, I happen to know a ton of people that are excited to surprise their taste buds and step outside of their routine to enjoy duck confit, braised rabbit, tamarind goat, or pheasant, and I look forward to raising the bar for the downtown food cart scene. I know there are some good eats down and around the streets, so we will captivate you with the element of unpredictability and consistent deliciousness. Oh, and you have got to try the Crab Rangoon Flautas with chili-soy vinaigrette! The are Re-Dunkuless!