We need Votes People!!!!!


NEWS UPDATE!!! Hundreds of people have voted right in front of us, and yet we are behind in the rankings! We just found out that you can vote 10 Xs per day from the website, online! That means that Each of you can provide 100 Votes for us by September 10th!!!! 100 Votes per person that supports us to Represent Richmond, I think we can get into the top ten quick with your support.

We Are also going to donate $2,000 of the proceeds to Connors Heroes and 2BnB if we win.

Please, take a minute to help us get there, and we will take our truck to the highest level to represent.

You can still Text FT8 to 66789 10 times Every Day until September 10th, or you can click once on the www.foodnetwork.com website and submit all 10 votes each day.

We are not in the top running yet, so we need your help Richmond! Oklahoma is beating us!