Boka is Back Baby! Remodeled, and pimpin’ the good food.

Very excited to have Boka 1 looking so ALIVE…

We are starting off the week with a private Booking on Monday, and then Tuesday we are making a grand return to VCU’s Brand Center. We missed you guys! Come get FREE AMP energy drinks, on us!

Wednesday, we will make a trip out to our friends at Bio Tech, and then … We have this week open for service requests.

Thursday, we will be traveling out to the Southside, Midlothian – where we have broken down every week for the last month 🙁 This time, (fingers crossed) we will be rocking the newly reinvigorated Boka Truck to our Noodle Bowl loving Whitten Brother peeps, and Fish Tako Fanatics out at Village Bank Headquarters. We hope to also visit our faithful 5 at Pence Kia, and others along the way.

Friday, well, CRC and Wells Fargo are well over due for some Takos…and we couldn’t make a day of it without stopping in at Sycom for our early lunch crowd.

It’s been too long, we look forward to seeing you all!