Curse, curse, insert explative, sorry, curse, explative.

Boka 1 (The Truck) is back in for Repairs. This time, we have to wait for parts to be shipped, so the mechanics can’t even start work until next week. That means we are back off the streets until further notice. When we get her back up into running order, we will be notifying each stop individually and will be launching her back out into a jamming new scene.

In the mean time, we will be developing the New “Komida” Karts to operate smoothly and efficiently so that we can open up more locations. MCV, you are next in line when we open Komida #2.

“Comida” means “food” in Spanish, but we butcher the spelling, and suggest you put it up in your MouF! With a strong menu that features the Best of Boka Takos, we have branched out into Gourmet Salads and an extended Noodle Bowl line. The Location at E Byrd and 10th street has been picking up as the buzz is spreading and folks are bringing their friends. We started with a soft open of the new concept and have tweaked how we do things a bit to accommodate the new style of service. Our Kart Chefs are excited to create a custom dish, or you can ride the suggestions we make along the way. You can also always get a “Gauntlet” when your in the mood. Asian-Mexican-American ingredients really shine throughout our innovative new Karts!

See you out there!