1 Year Anniversary: Best Takos around.

So, www.Richmond.com is looking for the best tacos in Richmond.


I love tacos of all shapes and sizes, with all sorts of fillings, but in Richmond, there is a limited selection of tacos that have anything outside of carnitas, asada, pollo, lengua, fish and oxtail. Every once in a while I even go there…With some crazy Asian influence and American flair. But what is the basis of comparison? If you think that we have the best tacos in Richmond, then please, vote for us!!!. We serve duck confit with truffle crema in a taco, while others serve traditional achiote spiced pork? Is cornish game hen in a taco better than braised chicken? Is Rabbit rillet in a juniper berry reduction really in the same class to be compared to carnitas? Literally, it is a different animal, and I see no basis for comparison except that it is served in a tortilla, but we are now on the block for comparison, so, let’s take up arms and eat some tacos. Boka Truck tacos are the best in Richmond. High Quality ingredients cooked with French technique, and infused with Asian-Mexican and American elements based on seasonal availability that tittilate and excite the palate. How do you compare frog legs tacos with bacon, lavender- meyer lemon jus and tomato concasse-crema to any other taco in town? Has anybody ever had a frog leg taco before? Longanisa taco? Rabbit taco? Duck tongue taco? Eel taco? Bison taco? Butternut squash “risotto” taco? Broccoli and chicken taco? Goat taco? Pork Belly taco? Duck Egg taco? Quail egg taco? Banh Mi taco? Ham and cheese taco? Nutella and peanut butter taco? Granola and chocolate taco? chocolate covered bacon taco? or any of the hundreeds of tacos we have run on the truck over the last 1 year?

I think that the only way you know if you have the best taco is to eat it. If you don’t need lime, then they put the right amount of acid. If you don’t add salt, then they seasoned it right. If you don’t have to smother it in salsa, then it has flavor that needn’t be masked, or made up for. I make some balance tacos with untraditional ingredients, and that’s my jam. What does that mean compared to everybody else? You will not find a taco in this town that resembles a Boka Truck taco. Let me know if you find some frog leg tacos elsewhere, I would love to compare 🙂

Welcome to 2011. You have been set free from the once confined definition of taco. Hell, that’s why we call it a tako! Let’s vote.

p.s. I am always down for a throw down…