And some people just don’t know…

“Boka Truck? Seriously? Are we voting for best tacos, or oddest meat concoction to be rapped in a tortilla? …. Boka Truck…..who’s voting for this rubbish?” -TheDude1 – Posted on comments for Best Taco in Richmond.

Dear TheDude1,

Rubbish? Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. You obviously have not opened your mind to the possibilities and potential of the ever so versatile taco. You apparently are implying that we do not serve real tacos, or even good ones, so apparently you haven’t tried them. Boka tacos are designed for the modern and sophisticated pallet, and for people open to the avant garde cuisine of 2011, excited to explore new flavors and try new things. Boka is what is new. You are a fan of the old. I can’t win em’ all. It can be scary to try something new. I won’t hold it against you. You shouldn’t hold it againt us :)Try us and you may discover that you like fish tacos with pickled green papaya and siracha aioli with habanero-lime and Thai herbs. Most people do 😉

If you support the deliciousness of the BokaTruck, then to go to and place a vote for Best Taco in the Besties awards category. If you love it, let us show it. Thanks!