We have submitted our video to the Food Network to be on The Great Food Truck Race, season 2

“I went to Disney Land and all i got was this shirt”. We tried, but think that the gas mileage may have the deal breaker having to drive a couple thousand miles. We are on the radar with the networks, and that’s pretty good. We were National finalists to be on the show. I’m glad that Richmond’s blip on the Foodie radar is gaining recognition. Thanks for all the people that voted earlier this year, because you helped us show up on their map!!! Check this video out, share it with friends, and enjoy. This is what garnered the attention of the Executive Producers at The Food Network. We are here to bring you innovative, and carefully executed fusion cuisine served from a truck in street food style, yet we strive to intrigue and impress with every bite. We build our dishes based on elemental cuisine, and are pioneering a unique concept unlike any that has ever been done before us. Hold true to the best Richmond, Boka has your back, whether we made it on the show or not, we are still bringing you the city’s most unique food concept, and will stop short of nothing less than excellent.