We may have an opening on the schedule coming up, let us know if you want an every other week visit from the Boka Truck

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On a side note, We have been having some fun with the menu lately, and are introducing ingredients that many people haven’t a clue about. First we have Rambutan.


Native to Indonesia and Malaysia, it said that this is the fruit that Orangutangs enjoy the most!

Next we have Loquats:

Having a bright orange pitted fruit, these resemble a mild peach, and are related to being a tropical version of the kumquat

next we have Black silke chicken:

Here we have a richly flavored meat, with mild chicken flavor. This shaded poultry stands in a class all of it’s own. Many say that the black chicken is a difficult bird to prepare, and most are intimidated by it. We make it very tender, and then crisp it on the comal to order, so you can taste and feel the exquisiteness of this rare Chinese delicacy. We are serving it over a bed of Tropical Thai Fruit Slaw, which features rambutan and loquats with a spearmint vinaigrette. Just in case you thought we were snoozing…