Jon and Leah Nelson Vs. “Critics” : Food Truck’s take on discrediting Richmonders votes for Besties Taco Award

Everybody thinks they are a critic.

I disagree. For starters, a critic is someone that conducts research about what they are going to be analyzing, and should be able to represent themselves as an authority on the subject matter. A critic is different than someone with an opinion. Anybody can have an opinion. Just becasue you have an opinion, does not make you a critic. Here, this is what we have:

Here is a fact:

1. We won Besties Awards for Best Taco in Richmond with a higher vote accumulation than anyone else

Here is an opinion:

1. allowed a contradicting story (against their own Besties awards) to run by someone that has no clue about the LA Style food truck trend, and backed the entire substance of their opinion around a preference toward Southwest Flavors.

2. When writing about food trucks, one should stick to information that is relevant to food trucks. When Writing about tacos, one should stick to information that is relevant to tacos. It is of my opinion that the writer (s) were not authorities on either subject, as they clearly mis-interpreted where the LA Food truck trend derived, and somehow classified Nates Taco cart which is dragged by a trailer hitch in the same category as our BokaTruck, which has a full size self-contained commissary with double ovens, stovetop, grill, multiple refrigeration units, extensive dry-storage, full size three tub sink, running water, prep tables, and an engine.

Let’s be clear here. The LA Food Truck Trend exploded surrounding the innovation of KOGI, which was the Founding Father to bad ass food from a Truck, in LA. The trend DID NOT start around road side taco carts that have been serving low cost Authentic Mexican style tacos for the last 50 years. That is not a trend. Roach Coaches did not boom a mainstream American trend. C’mon! Authentic tacos get cilantro and onion, and salsa. Lettuce , tomato and Sour cream are not even authentic to Mexican tacos. Taco carts are a long established culturally supported business, often taken on by immigrants that have very little formal education. The trend, my friends, came from Chef Roy Choi in La, who was sick and tired of working for other people, and wanted to use his passion for culinary arts in a format that was approachable to everyone. After having attended The Culinary Institute of America, he wowed Los Angelinos a with some of the wickedest tacos I have ever heard about. I seek to make homage to LA one day to pay tribute to the founding father. We have been fortunate enough to have had some of their guests dine at our truck, and i am grateful for their feedback which has been pretty kick ass. And ya know what?
People Raved and Rallied over tacos that didn’t taste anything like the old traditional mexican and Southwest flavors that stigmatized culinary innovation. They lined up down multiple city blocks, and waited hours to get their hands on them. These fusion tacos became coveted because they represented a new world where traditional culinary confines no longer were bound by conformity. And Food Trucks started popping up all around the country, with an underground force that caught national mainstream attention by mid 2009.

3. It is ok to love Southwest flavors. We Love Southwest Flavors. We use them ALOT. Clearly the writer does not know this because they came to a 10,000 person event where we were mass producing a very limited menu with only our base options. And they didnt try the Fish or the Pork Belly? I guarantee you they have eaten plenty of regular mainstay tacos before they wrote their opinion. If the writer had actually visited our truck on a regular day, instead of a mass production event, they may have gotten to taste some of the crazy ass fusion that we rock. Tomorrow we are bringing back the Kielbasa w/ chili-kraut, agave mustard, sesame aioli, toasted sesame, and Thai herbs. Off the chain re-dunkuless. Look at the picture. Then judge me.

4. How in the name of Great Oden’s Beard do you think that kimchi with sesame aioli and toasted sesame seeds tastes anything like a chipotle-lime crema w/ lime vinaigrette? the flavor profiles are so clearly different that whoever made your takos either seriously F’d up, or you had something cross with your pallet that day. Granted, i was in New York that day, so if they botched your order, I got you the next one. We recieved alot of twitter buzz that day that was ALL very positive, and my spies were assuring me that takos were being made to specification. How many fusion takos have you had in your lifetime to make comparison? three. I call bull. It is my opinion that you are not qualified to be called critic, in comparison to methodological professionals like Devron Timberlake and Tom Sietsema.