Today: Wednesday, June 15th ***UPDATE*** New Location!!!

Hello. Every other Wednesday we go out to the area around Comcast, Altria, Genworth, James River Insurance, and Phoenix Univeristy. It has been a struggle to find a great spot to serve everyone in around the 6600 block of W. Broad St. We came to serve our people at Altria direct, and all went fine. Then James River had us come out, and security shut it down. Their campus, like Genworth’s campus is secured with contractual limitations. So, we have been innovative in our efforts to serve these great people that swarm our truck no matter where we are, in a back alley by some broken down boxes, and debris, or by the side of Office Max. Unfortunately, the landscaper at Burlington Coat Factory blew up our previous location by calling corporate headquarters to complain we were selling “meat”. Boka means “MouF”. Kogi means “meat”. Belmont, where were you??

Anyways, we have been figuring out the NEW spot to serve this population dense area of Boka Truckers, and we are onto something a little more regular, like the rest of our schedule’s stops. We are in the process of getting Insurance requirements processed to serve you by Wednesday 6/29 closer to your door step. In the mean time, I have been in touch with my friends at TAN-A at the intersection of Horsepen and Broad st. and we will be setting up in the back of their parking lot today for the 12:15 service time that used to be at Office Max. Next week, we will post the NEW location for our every other week Wednesday Warrior visit to this location. Thanks for your patience as we solve this trick.