Chupacabra, or not to be?

As you all may or may not know, A chupacabra was sighted and photographed in Prince George County over this last week. It is the same creature that has been sighted and reported to have eaten live stock and have attacked animals in the recent past in Texas, Some experts argue that the Chupacabra is infact a fox w/ a bad case of mange, but we beg to differ! Any animal that insights the kind of sensationalism as the Chupacabra, is right up our ally! This crazy looking creature is unlike any we have seen before, and confirmed photographs lead us to consider locking our doors at night! Not only is this furless crature the main culperit for killing many chickens and other farm animals, it is also the culmination for which we stand… American and Mexican Fusion…. A Mexican mythical creature that lives in the United States. Now if only we could find a samurai wielding chupacabra in the states, would we have the perfect Asian, Mexican, American fusion!!!!