Permits and Applications and Plan Reviews are in the works…

So What?

Well, if all things work out, then we may already be taking the steps necessary to expand our current offering to a store front location. Plus, we are looking to launch a Boka Cart also. We are not counting chickens before they hatch, but we are starting rumors that it could happen if the stars align properly.

That being said, we will not announce any absolute plans until they go through, and we have sent our press releases to the appropriate Richmond Publications. This gives the press a chance to get in on what we are doing since it is top secret right now. If you are in the press and would like to be notified, please submit a quick email of interest to

Don’t worry WRIC 8, we will give you the inside scoop for the News.

In the mean time, I am going to go to happy hour and will reflect on the productive week I have had, and get ready to serve a rocking brunch tomorrow. The Richmond Food Tours will be bringing their guests by to enjoy some Boka truck tomorrow, and we will be rocking out some serious Cornish Game Hen takos. These little chickens are oh so delicate and delicious! Try the Apricot Compote too if you get a chance! Cheers 🙂