Hello Fall, we are starting to bring back the hearty and savory…

Grilled Sausage w/ chili kraut, agave mustard, and sesame will be hitting the menu, and this time, we will be serving it in a taco shell (vs. the catalogued picture of our last debut).

This is your classic pairing of sausage, kraut and mustard that you would expect of an Oktoberfest season, with a twist that makes this treat explicitely Boka. Come on out and try some! We will have this on the truck this week. The food cart is not going out this week as we get ready to start the state fair, and because our equipment is going to be commandeered for the next two weeks to serve that venue. When we finish the fair,GOOD NEWS!!! We are also now plotting to station the cart at two separate locations on Mondays and Fridays in different areas around Richmond to give different populations a weekly chance to get their Boka! We are working on those locations now, so if you have any suggestions, we are open to your voices!

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