A letter of confidence:


We are hitting our stride, and now we are gaining in popularity to the point where we must look at expansion immediately if we are going to keep up with growth!

I am looking at some properties Monday, but is difficult to find a place that has everything that we need to run our operations on our current budget. I am certain that we will be busy featuring our signature fine dining level cuisine from our restaurant space featuring Asian-Mexican-American fusion relying on French influence. We are the ONLY people doing this, and we have proven a market for ONLY the best flavor profiling and constant creativity in our menus. I cannot find another restaurant that serves menu items like us ( I have noted similarities in menu items to Lemaire, Baliceaux and Acacia from time to time like kimchi, bulgogi, pork belly, duck confit, Foie gras, truffle jus, short ribs, scallops etc., ). Until then, we will just continue to use facets of the fine dining cuisine you can experience in your favorite restaurants, in our takos, where we will continue to surprise you with innovation, flavor balance and the convenience of noshing it all down with your hand and a corn tortilla.


We are STILL looking for the restaurant space….

I think that if we had an investor to help us get a swank location and a liquor license that we would jam.