MMMMMmmmmmm. Something so sexy about this Short Rib Tako!

Glazed Braised Short Rib Tako w/ natural jus (w/ a touch of maple) over root veg (rutabaga, parsnip and carrot) w/ crispy salted Potato nest

This is my favorite Tako. I have loved Short Ribs for years, and this is why. We braise them until tender, and then glaze them w/ a hearty and racy reduction of their own braising jus balanced w/ specialty vinegars and a few drops of maple syrup, buttered out to a velvety sheen. The combination of parsnips and rutabaga with baby carrots provides a bountiful autumn platform for the rich tender meat to lie upon. We garnish with crispy-salty potato strings to cut against the melted fattiness of the meat, and provide a textural contrast while re-enforcing the earthy tuber notes of the root vegetables.

Any meat and potatoes guys and gals out there will fall instantly in love w/ this tako. Maybe even with each other. It wouldn’t be the first time babies were made after dining at the Boka Truck! …