Boka Truck Repairs…

Apologies to all who missed us Thursday when we broke down at News channel 8. Apparently it was not important enough to make the day’s news, but we tried to notify everyone via twitter, which feeds under the schedule on the website.

So, the nitty gritty?

Boka 1 is in the shop getting fixed up. We closed down for the second part of Thursday, towed the truck, and diagnosed the problems.


Many problems were found, stemming from an electricqal issue in the engine. We replaced many components, and got the truck started again. Everything looked good until we took a test drive. Once we hit 30 miles an hour the drive shaft started to rumble the entire truck, and we had to take it back for round two. In the morning on Friday, mechanics are going to be disassembling the drive shaft and diagnosing the new problem. Worst case scenario, we have to fabricate a new slip joint, or replace the whole shaft, and the truck does not make it up in time fo4r service. Best case scenario, we get the shaft re-installed and everything works, and get off to service on time with out any more worries or cares. So…

What about my lunch?

We will update the twitter feed in the morning about the truck’s ability to go out on the scheduled route and serve. If you REQUIRE takos for your MouF on Friday afternoon, you can get some at the Boka Cart located at the canal cruise steps at 14th street and Dock street behind the turning basin building. The Market Umbrella gallery is also starting up and running tomorrow right next to us on Virginia street, so you can double whammy your lunch time with good food and culture all at once.