Dedication Tako…

Hello All.

My Grandmother passed away this morning unexpectedly in her sleep. She lived a long life and has left a great legacy behind. My Aunts, Uncles, cousins. brothers, sister, parents, nieces and nephews all pay tribute to her matriarchy. Her final years were difficult for my family to cope with as she drifted into prolonged episodes of dimensia and alzheimers, and we will be mourning her death and celebrating her life this weekend in her honor.

Grandma Shirlie was a great cook, and would come by and visit with some of the heartiest, most delicious home cooking ever I got to eat as a kid. I used to get my hands dirty in the kitchen with her, and we always had a good laugh over throwing flour at each other, or her pranking me she was sad while cutting onions. She made many a tear come from eye in laughter, and onions. One dish in particular stood out, and I would request she make it EVERY time she came over. “Frickerdillars”. This is a German dish w/ swedish style meatballs in a bacon-mushroom veloute style gravy. I will be making this dish next week in her honor to share the deliciousness that she inspired me with. Home cooking always tastes better. The secret ingredient is love.

-Chef Patrick Harris