Brandon’s Quail Special….

Many of you have dined at his hand, and yet surprisingly he had not come up with a special until now. We recieved a request for a “Christmas Tako”, w/ peppermint and chocolate. Upon deliberation, Brandon came up with the following: Herbacious braised Quail w/ peppermint-port wine ganache, shaved white chocolate garniture and raspberry gastrique. In a time when Chocolate has been embraced into the savory culinary world, and criticized by some to have no place here, we are coming at this with strong flavors that shine against the rich depth of dark chocolate, and cut against the fattiness of silky sweet white chocolate while providing meatiness across the pallet, herbacious-fruity aromatics, and vinted undertones. What a perfect setting for earthy aromatics to sneek their way into the background… Starting Tuesday…

This is one for the Foodies. Merry Christmas!!! (Happy Holidays!!!)

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