Advertising Space on Boka 2!!! Get on the Wrap!!!

Hello All!

Right now we are raising funds to wrap the new Boka Truck (Boka 2). We will be in a high traffic intersection in the financial district during the daytime work week, at farmers markets on Saturdays during the season, at many catering and special events, as well as several large volume festivals where your mark will be seen. The picture above shows the blank canvas which we are working with. We are seeking to raise $3,500 for the project. If this project goes well, we may get the old Boka Truck (Boka 1) wrapped also. Currently we have only been seeking out corporate and local business sponsors, but we are now opening the idea up to everybody. Would you like to post a dedication on the tako truck? Post an advertisement or logo for your local business! Or, just sponsor us, and get your name listed on the VIP board forever…(or at least until the wrap fades out and we have to get a new one).

$500 Sponsorship gets you a printed color logo and a space 12″ wide x 12″ tall or 16″ wide x 10″ tall on both sides of the truck + color

$200 Sponsorship gets you enough space to make your mark. Write a sentiment, dedication, or self-proclamation for all to see. People will read what you have to say while they are awaiting their hot and delicious fusion takos!

$100 Sponsorship gets your name, or the name of a loved one or friend emblazoned onto our Dedication Wall…forever…(or until the wrap fades and we have to get a new one)