Support Organic Farmers and Their Fight Against Monsanto

Organic Crop production is being threatened by Monsanto (a large corporation that makes Genetically Modified-GMO- seeds), and their unfortunate reputation for intimidating small farmers with scare tactics by hurdling lawsuits at them over patent infringement when carryover winds introducing Monsanto seeds into non-genetically modified / organic farms bring accusations of theft and unauthorized use of intellectual property (yes, a genetically altered seed is considered intellectual property) with legal costs that have sent many small farmers to the poorhouse.

Stop the abuse Monsanto! You need to learn how to play nice, or you are going to be put in timeout. Keep your seeds out of our organic farmers’ crops! You are compromising the livelihoods of our nation’s organic farmers, and discounting the integrity of organic crops, the last link we have to food the way nature intended. Social responsibility means cleaning up your mess, and taking responsibility for damages caused by your actions. Exxon or BP have an oil spill and they spend millions cleaning it up and placing measures to prevent similar mistakes from happening in the future. If your seeds are spilling out into our country’s organic crop fields, you need to pay to clean up the disaster you are spreading, and compensate the farmers you are harming (Not to mention that you are threatening organic crops altogether with your GMO seeds). The fact that you sue the very people that you wrong is disgusting. You can clean up your despicable public image if you take some measures to mend the destruction that your wake has caused. Sometimes I think that you sue farmers to shock people into thinking about how deplorable you are, to take our attention off that fact of how weak your legal position is. If Monsanto seeds infiltrate organic farms, then Monsanto should get it out. Monsanto Genetically Modified seeds are a plague on organic farmers. If Oil dumps into the Gulf of Mexico we expect BP to clean it up. Even BP knows it would be deplorable to sue coastal residents of Florida with accusations of oil theft from spillover onto sandy beach front properties. Since Monsanto can not realistically be expected to keep every seed from spreading in the wind in an agricultural environment, then a farmer cannot realistically be expected to keep the wind from carrying a Monsanto seed into their field. If the FDA were regulating the spread of Monsanto seed, then there would be no open field growth, and consequently no carryover wind contamination. FAIL. You guys already blew it. GMO seeds are your property, right? Then get your property out of our organic crops! Your irresponsibility got them there. Clean up after yourself. And if I hear that you are going to sue one more farmer because you spilled seed into their crop, I am going to punch you in your jujunum. Tighten up.

We support the fight against Monsanto by organic farmers with the hopes that slow food becomes more common place, and that big agribusiness does not encroach upon our rights to choose organic, local, sustainable foods. Liberty is responsible freedom. Monsanto threatens our liberty, and consequently our freedom. Now that isn’t very American, is it?

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