This Week’s Events:

Friday (5-10), Saturday(1-10) & Sunday (12-5) Dominion River Rock at Brown’s Island will surely be a grand ole time for Boka Takos to be enjoyed in tandem w/ some awesome outdoor activities from running, kayaking and dog jumping, to watching live rock bands and drinking copious amounts of beer!

Speaking of drinking copious amounts of Beer… The Boka Truck is also going to be at the 17th street Farmers Market on Sunday (11-6) for the RVA Food Truck Derby featuring Dozens of local craft Breweries in tandem w/ some delectable fusion tacos. Brown Distributing is hosting, woot woot!

Of Course, Don’t forget Dinner at The Food Truck Courts Nightly! 6-9 pm at both The Pod and Va Historical Society depending on the night of the week.

Farmers Markets beware, we are coming for you on Saturday Morning at SOTJ and St. Stephens 8-12!!!