Boka Trucks – A fun addition to Richmond’s Festival Dining scene, and an upscale street casual way to dine for lunch

Boka Trucks are sprouting up all over Richmond, and you can find us grilling up our unique style of fusion tacos at your workplace, downtown, or even for dinner at your favorite Food Truck Court! You can find us at great Events like Dominion River Rock, The color Run, Touch a Truck, Food & Wine celebrations, private pool parties, and even Richmond’s Folk Festival. We are available to be booked for private catering, company picnics, banquets, parties, weddings and any excuse you can come up with. We are always looking for new groups to serve lunch to!

The Boka name is one which comes straight from the Mouf. We aim to serve you delicious Asian-Mexican-American Fusion street food with French technique, and a fresh/local/seasonal menu. You will find our specials and offerings evolve, and this is what keeps things fresh, exciting, and new. Our team of chefs are dedicated to culinary development, and take pride in exhibiting and presenting these bold flavors to you.

Thanks to everyone who has chosen the Boka Truck as Richmond’s Favorite Food Truck, we are truly indebted to you, and we will strive to make every bite you share with us, better than the last. Sincerely,

Chef Patrick Harris