Open for Dinner Daily, Monday through Friday!

Wow, we sure have come a long way from our first days on the tako truck making rounds to dealerships and chasing sledders at Forest Hill park to give people a first taste. Since the Boka Truck’s inception, Chef Owner Patrick Harris has integrated an intricate request driven traveling Tako truck business model in with a second, newer stationary downtown financial district location, in addition to a street cart that has been devoted to private bookings and another unique downtown location.

Patrick wanted to bring the Boka Truck’s business model into the late night scene, but laws in Richmond prohibit vendors from selling after 11:30pm. The office of finance quickly shut Boka down after attempts to serve the late night crowds. Alas, we did not let that get us down. We hit the drawing table and came up with a plan. We contacted the Virginia Historical Society, established a mutually beneficial relationship, and then rallied together with some of Richmond’s most unique Food Truck concepts like Dressed & Pressed, Sustenance, Flynn’s Food Truck, Crossroads Coffee Truck, and Mister Softee to name a few. We launched Richmond’s First Food Truck Court, and the turn out was phenomenal! Thousands of people flocked into the grassy fields and large open parking lot to dine al fresco with the trucks, and we quickly added new vendors to keep up with a swarming demand. Richmond’s Food Truck Court was born.

Down the road, Boka has continued to search for locations that have been exciting and new with locations that reach out to new demographics.

Recently Boka teamed with Hardywood Brewery to bring a Food Truck Court event to Thursday evenings, and the recent law granting pints to flow in conjunction with Food Trucks has proven to be a wonderful partnership. Hardywood on Thursdays has since become one of Richmond’s most revered weeknight dining destinations.

Several weeks ago The Boka Truck and Ronnie’s Ribs, Wings & other Things (famous for their appearance on the Food Network as an RVA culinary ambassador) have teamed up at 2512 E. Main st. in the Shockoe Bottom & Church Hill neighborhood. Now Food Truck Courts will gather down there on Tuesdays, and Boka will be out there with Ronnie’s on Fridays “with friends” including any other vendors that choose to take Ronnie’s up on their hospitable offer to host.

Most Recently we secured a relationship in the Fan with Richmond’s First Baptist Church where a Monday Food Truck Court will be held weekly within walking distance of the former Virgina Historical Society event. We will set up at the intersection of N. Robinson st. between Monument and Park at the Monument market location. The lot is spacious and accommodating for vendors, and an effort is being made this week to distribute thousands of flyers in the immediate neighborhood to raise awareness. We aim to provide the community with a family oriented dining experience and encourage guests to bring lightly used clothing donations and canned foods for the Salvation Army depository on location. We also have plans to work with the Church to set up a blood drive and have even agreed to donate food to blood donors that support our cause. When the Virginia Historical Society ended, we heard a lot of backlash about how much the fan and museum district would miss Food Truck Court. Albeit a couple weeks have passed, we did our best not to disappoint you!

Since our plans to bring weekly dinner service to our business model were implemented, Grow RVA has also brought events with Food Trucks into the scene. That means more Boka Truck for your MouF! Grow RVA has a weekly Wednesday event at the Visual Arts Center at 1812 E. Main st. that we are now attending in lieu of the recent end to Chesterfield Food Truck Court. Grow RVA also has a static Food Truck event schedule on Fridays, and even one Tuesday event each month. We will strive to be at all of their events to support their efforts. We will also be found in regularity at our routine dinner locations all over RVA.