What’s in-between those buns?

We are delighted to announce the launch of the newest member of our Boka fleet, “In The Bun.” We’ve got a plethora of delicious dishes coming your way conveniently placed in warm, toasty buns just in time for the fall breeze that’s been sweeping the streets of Richmond as of late. You can still count on our signature American, Asian, Mexican fusion flare but expect to see it paired up with not only our familiar picks, like pork belly and tofu, but some wild choices also, like bison and lobster! Now, I could sit here and tease you with delightful descriptions of this nommy food and let your mind do all the eating, but since “In The Bun” will be camping out at 9th and Cary every weekday from 11-2pm and also at the nightly Food Truck Courts, there’s no excuse as to why you can’t pleasure your mouth as well and find out for yourself what exactly lies in-between those buns.